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Written by Rudy Sleiman   
Monday, 09 February 2009 12:18





Since forever, sports have been part of everyday living. Driven by the love of motion and activity, many disciplines were taken. The road to fitness began back at teen years, when the fist activity was marathon training and long runs, as part of the school’s athletics team. At age 16, on the eve of the first competition ever to be done, a little mishap and a shot of fate made it that a leg was broken. On the second day, as all runners were taking their departure after the gunshot, I was entering the operation room to have my broken tibia fixed with a couple of screws, missing my first competition ever. Affecting me, I decided never to run on competition again, but to keep on training on a personal need. 6 weeks later, I was back on foot, requiring no physical therapy at all, since my will was strongest at moving my ankle. Slowly, I began training again until running became part of my everyday’s activity. 6 months after my broken leg, I had to undergo a major surgery, one that had to cut the abdominal muscles, making nearly every movement seem like a punishment. I was given 3 months before I could come back to training, but my motivation made me wait only 6 weeks before I couldn’t handle myself anymore, and I was back to training. 6 months later, I went to surgery again for screw removal, and 6 months later, I entered the operating room for another surgery disabling me for 3 months. Motivation was still at peak, as I could not wait to come back to training again! And so it was, after 18 months of physical traumas and surgeries that I passed over it by the support of my family and friends and I considered those 18 months as a phase of mental training before getting unleashed. During this whole phase, I studied much on the human body and was amazed by its capacities. My love of the human body, made me choose to become a physical therapist, both to heal and to fix problems. Slowly, my knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology made me imagine training movements and exercises, knowing nothing about the principles of training. I graduated from university with a License in Physical Therapy, placing first on the final year project and dominating many areas of the discipline. Meanwhile, during university years too, I began buying books and teaching myself about muscle training and many different disciplines in the training field. The love of activity and the dependence on high sensations made me become a climbing, hiking as well as a rope activities instructor, from rappel, to flying fox and many. In the meantime, the call of the sea made its toll. I began perfecting my skills in body-boarding and high sea swims, and I began the long process of practice to become a windsurfer. In the mean time, I was taking on muscle resistance training to a more advanced level. On the parallel, my love for physical therapy made me attend many seminars to perfect my skills in the therapeutic field even more. Yet on the personal level, buying sports and body building magazines helped me a lot in my own training but still, something was missing. Even though I began helping others to train, many questions remained unanswered and no matter how much researched I did, I could hardly find fulfilling answers. It was then that I chose to become a certified fitness trainer. I enrolled in the ISSA for the CFT course, one I achieved in a couple of months after long sleepless nights studying. This certification is backed up by my expertise in the paramedical field of physical therapy and rehabilitation, making it both of them complementary one to the other. Practice in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and a personally owned clinic made me even more capable of understanding many aspects of the human body physiology, but especially for those injured, physically disabled or simply in need of some serious preparation to any kind of event, since my work consists of dealing with a wide variety of cases: general traumatology, sports traumatology, rheumatology, neurology, gynecology, war casualties rehab, aesthetics… Nothing is better than helping a person overcome physical problems, healing injuries and driving forth for a better achievement of the self.

As a Physical Therapist and an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, and continuing education in both fields, backed up by my experience and expertise in both the therapeutic field, the preventive field, the relaxation and well-being field and the fitness training field, one thing I learned concerning the human mind and body: Sky’s The Limit!

“Fitnessly” yours;





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